Getting Healthy the Right ‘Weigh’
Right Weigh founders: Jill Plumer, Kim Dorval, Victoria Kirby and Jaclyn Fodor.

Getting Healthy the Right ‘Weigh’

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Story and photo By Ami B. Cadugan Fiddlehead

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Weight loss is hard. There’s no way to sugar coat it.
The team of licensed health care and nutrition experts at Nutrition in Motion feel they can help. The staff developed something they call the “Right Weigh!” — individualized plans to help get Granite Staters on the path to a healthier lifestyle.
Nutrition in Motion was founded in 2009 by Kim Dorval, a registered and licensed dietician, at its current location on 80 Palomino Lane in Bedford and has grown to 15 facilities in New Hampshire and Massachusetts since then.
She started “The Right Weigh!” program six years ago with her partners — Victoria Kirby, an advanced practice registered nurse; Jill Plumer, a licensed mental health counselor; and Jaclyn Fodor, registered dietician and chef.
The focus is the overall state of a person’s health, not just the numbers on a scale. That includes underlying medical, physical and even mental issues that can hinder losing weight, according to Nutrition in Motion staff.
“Today people just want to take medicine to solve all their problems,” said Dorval. “We look at the root of a person’s problems, then create a customized plan to solve them. Going beyond the scale, we also have advanced technology to measure resting metabolism, run total-body measurements as well as a full-body composition analysis – ratios of fat, muscle and water mass.
To customize programs, there’s a staff of 14 dieticians with their own various specialties, including heart disease, oncology, digestion issues, weight management and pediatrics. The entire team is there to support the underlying issues which can hinder weight loss.
“A lot of times, people don’t prioritize their own health. We help people identify and overcome barriers to success,” said Duval. “People know what to do; it’s how to apply it. They don’t have the tools or support, and that’s what we provide.

“We teach people about clean eating. Many times, our clients don’t know even how to prepare a chicken from scratch. They are used to eating out and picking up prepared and processed foods.”

“We teach them to cook using whole, unprocessed foods and to make healthier choices.”
They also look at their clients from a medical standpoint.
“Many times, there are underlying hormonal issues or metabolic disorders, even food sensitivities that can hinder someone’s success. Each practitioner looks at an individual’s medical, physical and mental states, to take steps to achieve their goals,” Kirby said.
To ensure consistency, Nutrition in Motion also collaborates with people’s primary care physicians.
And of course, there is exercise, essential to keeping weight off and not just losing it, according to Dorval who said they collaborate with a network of physical therapists, personal trainers, local gyms and yoga studios to give clients the opportunity to see what works best for them.
“We do this by scheduling group visits,” said Kirby. “It reduces the intimidation factor and allows everyone to make the best exercise decision for themselves.”
“This is not an overnight program,” Kirby said of the approach, which goes through several phases to ensure that short- and long-term weight loss goals are achieved and then maintained. “There are no cookie-cutter solutions here, it’s all about the individual. And we look at everyone from the inside-out. This program is not just about weight loss, it’s about making people feel good.”
Phase one runs for 12 weeks and includes group classes as well as individual sessions.
“We learn what motivates people and teach them how to make this program work in real life. Even simple things, like what to order when eating out with friends. Or taking the steps instead of the elevator. Because this is a lifestyle change,” Kirby said.
Phase Two continues for six more weeks, to ensure that long-term change can be achieved and maintained.
Because the program is run by licensed medical practitioners, it can be billed through most insurance programs.
Nutrition in Motion is also committed to community involvement. It participates in local farmers’ markets, chambers of commerce events, sponsors Birch Hill Elementary School’s “Smile Mile” in Nashua and works with the Safe Sports Network in Manchester.

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