A guide to living local in New Hampshire

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Local Businesses Local Farms

Local Businesses Local Farms

Learn here how local entrepreneurs fulfill their goals of sustainability, community-mindedness and a commitment to the environment.

• Unconventional Therapies at Peak

• ReVision Employee-Owned Solar

• Cut-Your-Own Christmas Trees

Southern NH shopping & markets



Best Local Shops Farmers Markets

Best Local Shops Farmers Markets

We put our money where our heart is. Learn where to shop local and support your neighborhood businesses, artisans and artists.

• Furniture Meant for Memories

• Everything's Better in Exeter

• Winter Farmer's Markets Directory

Southern NH shopping & markets


Resturants Local Grocers

Restaurants Local Grocers

We like to know where our food comes from. Join us and eat local. We profile chefs, restaurants, grocers, growers, and markets.

• Dishing It Out: Firefly American Bistro

• City Moose: hip with a farm vibe

• Attainable Sustainable: 900 Degrees

Locavore food & dining


Local Events Things to Do

Local Events Things to Do

Celebrate our communities through fairs, music, festivals, the arts and family events. Close to home or a short trip, you'll have fun and learn. 

Holiday Cheer Downtown

Get Out! Burn Off Turkey Day Calories

Calendar of Events

Things to do in Southern NH