Nashua: Prime Exploration

Nashua: Prime Exploration

June, 2020 Off By admin

Photos and words by Stacy Milbouer and Tom Long

Fiddlehead Contributing Editors


In the two years we moved from our house in Hudson to our converted-mill apartment in Nashua we’ve taken at least

three walks a day – sometimes with Kiki the Wonder Mutt – sometimes solo, sometimes as a couple.

It’s something so many people are doing now because of our unexpected isolation.
We decided that we would chronicle life along the Nashua River with our trusty iPhones during that time. These are just some of dozens of photographs taken along the part of the river that flows past what was once the Nashua (textile) Manufacturing Company, built in 1823 to harness the awesome hydropower the river offered.
The Nashua is different every day. It ranges in color from olive green, to murky brown and silvery gray. It can look spectacular when it glitters in the sun, drawing life in the form of water birds, turtles, bunnies, geese, ducks, beavers, fish, opossums, muskrats and the occasional skunk.
And it can look dreary, murky and brown, under a cold winter sky, bringing to mind the view that those who worked the textile mills during long hours and dangerous conditions glimpsed on their way to work.
Truth be told, in these last few months, the river has been a comfort and a reminder that the worst thing about life is that everything changes and the best thing about life is that everything changes.


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