Three Years and Counting

Three Years and Counting

July, 2019 Off By admin

By Stacy Milbouer and Tom Long

Fiddlehead Contributing Editors

Thank you, fellow Fiddleheads. Because of you, it’s this magazine’s third anniversary. We knew folks in the Granite State wanted as much information and entertainment possible dedicated to the concept of living, playing, working and buying local and that’s why Fiddlehead was created.
Your reaction to this publication has been heartwarming and affirming. You love our covers – providing local artists with a way to get their work out there. You love meeting our local heroes who selflessly feed the hungry, care for injured animals, volunteer their time and their talent to benefit others.
You have taken the recipes created by our New Hampshire chef who uses local products and recreated them in your kitchens.
You’ve patronized the farmers’ markets we’ve listed, which not only supports local farms, but provides fresh local foods and at the same time preserves New Hampshire’s agricultural landscapes.
You’ve shopped at the independent stores highlighted in our pages, which not only supported your local economy but kept New Hampshire’s Main Streets and downtowns alive and well. You know like we know that shopping is much more than pressing “add to cart” online or finding the same thing in every big box store or shopping mall.
By you supporting Fiddlehead, sharing it with your friends, patronizing our advertisers who are just as committed to living the vida local and of course, including the advertisers who chose us to reflect their values, you’ve made this magazine a success. In turn, we hope we’ve supported you and your commitment to a sustainable lifestyle and maintaining our state’s natural beauty and healthy environment.
You are official Fiddleheads and we appreciate you and your lifestyle.
Keep up your good work and we promise to keep up ours.

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